Update: Glencoe Mountain Resort – Park/Conditions

Glencoe Mountain resort is Scotlands Orignal Ski resort. A lot has changed since the resort first opened in 1956, the first lift was a rope tow  made from the engine of an old van, you had to hike all the way up to it, which they say was a good warm up!Acess chair Glencoe_effected

This year the team have got there hands on a Pisten Bully 600 winch cat with a park blade attached! There are 7 lifts in total and about 19 runs catering for all levels(more if you have some local knowledge!)

Snow holds well in the north facing bowl. Pistes run through natural terrain, cliffs, river beds and boulders where the snow gathers and consolidates. (Un)fortunately this year the infamous haggis trap (6 meter rock walls tower on either side) has completely filled in due to large quantities of something it seems, the rest of Europe is missing… snow! TheHaggisTrap_Glencoe_effectedJibline Glencoe.1_effected

With help from the guys at The motherload project the Glencoe team have managed to set the fist features in an all new dedicated park area! It sounds hopefull more features will be set soon with the current amounts of snow!


On a clear day, you can also expect stunning backdrops into Glencoe and Rannoch Moor. Glencoe itself is featured heavily in tv commercals and film productions. You might recognise scenes from James Bond/Harry potter and Top Gear to name but a few!

Spring-run-Fly-Paper_effectedLooking up to the Spring Run and the Fly Paper, Scotlands steepest patrolled run. Fully loaded. The area above hosts a 1 star world free ride event yearly and provides some interesting terrain!

Glencoe Mountain Resort might not have the super fast heated chairlifts that you find in Europe, But what it does have is a vibrant scene, different terrain and Grass roots snowsports where people are out to have a good time more than anything else, More soon!

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