Tommy’s Top Tips: Dont’s in the park!

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Betterpark Designer and head shaper Tommy sent us these top tips….  Actually there more common sense but there are the occasional few who just quite get it… Here are some other people failing at snowboarding so you dont have too.

The knuckles of jumps are probably not the best place to hang around… Dont stand in the landing and if you bail, get out of the way quickly.

When the park is closed its because we need to work. Blind knuckles + Pisten Bully + Snowboarder = Well, you can do the maths.

Whilst it is deffinately a good idea to speed check a kicker with a rider you trust, you should also consider  some of the other factors that can effect your session. Wind Speed, Weight, Pop, Wax there are few! Ohh an dont crash your car in the park!!!

Just dont…

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