Spotcheck: Nevis Range – Scotland 4/1/14

We headed up Nevis Range, 1 of Scotlands 5 Ski resorts for a shred  with some of the local crew! (Yes Scotland has mountains!) And some pretty serious terrain at that!

Nevis Range - the goose
Nevis range - goose

Sick shred on some interesting terrain, The goose is bassically a 300 meter natural half pipe! And nice to scope out some of the surrounding terrain for future reference! Does anyone have a spare Helicopter?

photo (3) 2

Unfortunately the summit lift had been derailed by hurricane winds the day before so access to some of the best terrain on the mountain (The Back Corries) was restricted!

back corriesImage-1

We did however find some nice looking new boxes waiting to be delivered to the park!

Nevis Range - Loch Linnihe Nevis range view

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  • Greg Bow says:

    Hey guys,

    Just seen this post, RAD! I commented on Instagram but didnt see the reply until now.

    I’d be really keen to help out with you guys if you came to scotland with a project.

    My name is Greg Bow and I work at the indoor snow dome as head shaper and one of the kassbohrer drivers. I’ve built parks for 5 years, not just indoors but outdoor too, as well as some projects on all of Scotland’s mountains for Volcom, Vans etc…

    Let me know if you guys would be interested if you where to come back to Scotland in help building or as a guide!

    Thanks guys, enjoy following the blog


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