Recap: Kaunertal opening 2015

The season kicked off last weekend in Kaunertal with a festival like atomsphere on the mountain, Fresh snow and some epic weather set the atmosphere for the 30th aniversary of KTO.

The park might not be the biggest at this time of year but considering the conditions and the amount of snow we think they’ve made a pretty good job, Maybe not the prime choice for kickers (Yet) but perfect iff you want to hone your early season jibbing skills… all in an awesome location!

Check out our photos and the edits from KTO + Deeluxe boots for a full overview!

Snowpark Kaunertal Overview. Photo Dan Mullins

Snowpark Kaunertal in the distance consists of two flowing lines.,one easy with two kickers and one advanced.

Chris Kroel (ck) Legend session Photo: Dan Mullins

Ambassador: CK Sends it over the competition kicker to take first in the Legends session and second in the rider clash with theshapersblogs very own filmer Jp

Steve Gruber Legend session KTO. Photo: Dan Mullins

Steve Gruber Took second in the legends session and third in the riderclash with Phillip Winter (strong name)

Gigi Ruf. Kaunertal Opening 2015. Photo:Dan Mullins

Gigi Ruf took first in the riderclash with David Leubel and third in the legends sessions.

T bar Kaunertal Glacier. Photo: Dan Mullins

Atmospheric weather with rolling clouds throughout the weekend, Sun was shinning on spring like snow

Kaunertal glacier. Photo: Dan Mullins

Shapers working hard getting the kicker ready.

Kaunertal chill area. Photo: Chris Chionidis

Sunday Morning wasn’t quite so fresh!


Deulux boots stepped up the festival atmosphere at the base station with some sick mini ramp sessions.

Photo: Chris Chionidis

UK rider Charlie Rownland looking quite happy considering he nearly lost his filmer in a crevass.

snowpark Kaunertal Jibline. Photo: CC

Close up of the freshly prepared jib lines at Kaunertal Snowpark

Unicorn at Kaunertal Glacie. Photo: CC

Unicorns are real….

Roope Tonteri at KTO 30. Photo: Dan Mullins

Roope Tonteri on the competition kicker

View from Kaunertal Glacier. Photo: Dan Mullins

Is Kaunertal Glacier actually in the heart of Mordor? Iff not its got some pretty breathtaking scenery surrounding it.

Game of Snow. Photo: CC

JIb sessions went off next to the panorama restaurant at the Kaunertal Glacier!


The Deeluxe Boot crew pretty much got the park covered with this edit!

DAN_2661    IMG_8538-2 IMG_8359  DAN_2535

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