Snowpark is an understatement. Laax have been pushing the development of snowparks and freestyle snowboarding/freesking for well over ten years, Innovative, creative and progressive designs make them the choice of major events such as The Burton European Open.

The 4 carefully maintained snowparks + europes biggest half pipe cater for every level of rider, Beginner to Pro! And if thats not enough... Say Hello to the Freestyle acadmey, Europes First Indoor training playground!

Snowpark LAAX

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thecrap show 2015 no.3

Snowpark LAAX: The crap 2015 #3

Episode 3 of the Crap Show features some P60 cruising with James Niederberger, pro kicker line action with Matthias Wattinger, Severing Van Der Meer…

Snowpark LAAX__Worlds_Largest_halfpipe__Theshapersblog

Snowpark LAAX opens worlds largest halfpipe

The worlds largest superpipe is now open at Snowpark LAAX and like everything the LAAX Crew do, it looks sick!

Snowpark LAAX - the crap show - 2015 - theshapersblog

Snowpark LAAX: The Crap Show |Ep 1 2015

Check out the current setup at Snowpark LAAX – P60 aka Curnius Snowpark with Jeron Lohner, Bastian Jauslin, Jah Harris, Severin Van Der Meer,…