Morgan Rose AKA Coonman – Legend or Idiot?

Coon-man has been getting a lot of attention lately, with his all balls no brain riding, What do you think, Idiot or legend?

Coon- “a rustic or undignified person”

We feel the need to state our position, This is nothing personal and from what we here Morgan is a generally nice guy… We’re sure he is but we see these viral videos as nothing more than a guy getting attention for acting the fool.. (We’ve all got a friend like it, the more attention they get the more foolish they become) The problem is when mainstream media starts to treat him like some sort of snowboarding legend/god.

“Morgan Rose, aka Coonman is our new favourite snowboarder that we’ve never heard of.”

Whitelines: “the raddest new thing since the invention of the sintered base: Coonman.”

We don’t want anybody to get hurt snowboarding! Its our shared passion and we cant get enough! Snowboarding takes time to learn, time to progress and its important that you know your own limits. This guy doesn’t and we believe his glorification could encourage others to completely miss out the part where you actually learn to ride! “Iff the Coon-man can do it… So can I”

Most people snowboard for fun, we ride because we love it and one of the best feelings is that of satisfaction when you push yourself to do something new. There is always a certain level of progression, the more you ride, the better you become. Sure you should push yourself beyond your limits but you should also know where your limits are!! If you just stepped onto a snowboard then its not that wise, some might say idiotic, to try the stuff we see here! Stay safe kids!

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