opening Hintertux: Official edits 2013

Check out the offical opening edits here, all 4 of them in on place! Sick weekend had by all even iff the weather didnt come to play!

Throughout the first day of the Opening 2013 the weather improved and riders enjoyed spring-like conditions on slushy park lines. Austrian riders like Mathias Weissenbacher, Michi Schatz, Steve Gruber and Wolle Beer as well as international pros like Seppe Smits, Björn Simons and Mario Käppeli were seen riding the park. Afterwards, riders battled it out at the adidas Jersey Jam. A perfect ending to the first opening day.

Saturday report of the hotline Park Opening Hintertux, adidas Jersey Jam, Skate Session and Bag Jump with Tom Tramnitz, Benny And Daniel Mösl, Alex Walch, Roli Tschoder,

Saturday party, kids shoot and more slush!

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