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The first park opening in europe sets the bar for the season yet again. A freshly prepared Betterpark Hintertux, Over 20 brands with kit testing, Addias jersey jam, G-ramps 4.5 MiniPirates Movie premier and sick parties all provided the much loved atmosphere for the opening weekend. Whatever the weather!

The Betterpark Hintertux team worked until the sun went down before the opening to get the park in probably the best condition its ever been! Unfortunately the weather didnt want to play and it was pretty hard to spot the fine lines! Heres a couple of the shots we managed to get over the weekend!IMG_6492

IMG_6521 IMG_6536IMG_6532IMG_6639IMG_6640_2IMG_6671IMG_6690_2IMG_6717IMG_6729 IMG_6557IMG_6813

Pro line IMG_6775



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