Hotzone Opening 10th anniversary|Weekend recap|Theshapersblog

The 10th anniversary of the Hotzone opening was insane! Thousands of riders came to check out the park, test new gear shred with some of the best riders in the world and party hard, check out recap to see what went down whilst lapping with the Betterpark Hintertux shapers, Bode from the interior plane project and a bunch of other rad people who were all stoked to shred the setup on the Hintertux Glacier in between the jam packed event schedule put on by the guys.

Send us your edits from the weekend to get featured on theshapersblog [HERE] and well see you all over the winter!!!


Upper park- S-M-L-XL kickers + Jibs for all levels
overview outfocus1313
ull park overview from Gletcherbus 3:Over 1KM of parkfor every level (one of Europes longest parks)

overview middle jib jib1717

Middle Jib Section: Choose your line and shred

overview lower jib1616
NEW: Lower jib section on the return to the T-bar, rollers and fun features perfect for creative Jibbing


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