Edit: Nike Snakes and Hammers – Silvretta Montafon

Our friends over at Pyramid Mag headed to Silvretta Montafon for the Nike Snakes and Hammers comp at the weekend, Looks like everyone had a rad time at what they recon is “Easily one of the best comps on the curcuit!” Check the edit and go check some more from Pyramid Mag.

Featuring : Clemens Schattschneider, Kevin Bäckström, David Dijte, Spencer O’Brien, Steve Gruber, Sebbe de Buck, Max Buri, Seppe Smits and more.


1st: Seppe Smits

2nd: Clemens Schattschneider

3rd: Kevin Bäckström

Best hammer Kevin Bäckström


1st: Spencer O’Brien

2nd: Nicola Thost

3rd: Mary Luggen

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