Edit: Hunt for the killer haggis and Scottish summer shred


The Haggis is one of Scotland’s most fabled creatures, some say its legs are shorter on one side to allow it to run around the mountains faster.. Others, that it can devour a small child in minutes… We heard rumours of sightings of this great carnivorous animal high up on Meall a’Bhuiridh, the highest peak in the Black Mount range which looks out over both Glencoe and Rannoch moor.


Perhaps more strange than the potential of bagging our own Haggis sighting, were the rumours that Glencoe Mountain Resort, The company that operates the lifts on this majestic mountain for both winter and summer sports, were to operate uplift to the middle of the mountain, via the cliff hanger chairlift on mid summers day for some summer snowsports! We almost couldnt belive it so decided to check out what the fuss was all about! 

It is true: The main access chair will run daily (weather depending) throughout the summer and on the summer solstice, Saturday the 21st of June the cliff hanger chair lift will operate for a short time at 10am, bringing motivated riders half way up the mountain. Otherwise the hike itself is not hard work!!!


Scotland’s first ski area Glencoe Mountain Resort, nested in the highlands with spectacular backdrops on all sides, was originally chosen for its deep gullies which accumulate large amounts of snow cover during the winter. This season saw record levels of snow across the 5 resorts in Scotland and as you can see, even in the middle of June, there is still ample snow for a great shred! The spring run, the main basin and most of the canyon were all still complete with snow depths of 4 meters plus in places when we headed up last weekend, meaning that once we were at the top there wasn’t too much hiking to get back down again!


We found and set up a small rail for a bit of fun but not far away were a few more heavier beasts that the three of us couldn’t move… A motivated crew of 6 people would be able to set one/some of these features up for a bit of a summer session!!   Jp-summer-glencoe-mountain-theshapersblog-snowboard-mainbasin-solstice

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