We are an independent platform dedicated to showcasing snow-parks, terrain, life style and good times at your favourite resorts.


Snowboarding and free skiing are constantly pushing new boundaries, it’s easy to forget the roots of snow sports, and why we are all so stoked after a good day on the mountain with our crew. It doesn’t matter how well we can ride, it is not about how many spins or flips you can do or how many first place medals you have achieved over your life. Snow sports are about having fun with your friends, getting back to nature, exploring new places, pushing each others limits, making friends/parties/enjoying. We all share the same passion, First turn or First 1080 the mountain grips us.


Ambassador: Flo Heim – Betterpark Hintertux

We are a growing community of shapers, Filmers, photographers and riders that connect independent snow parks and the people that ride them. Theshapersblog was created by a group of like minded individuals in Oct 2012, Lead by Head shaper Jp, with over 15 seasons experience in snow park construction, design and maintenance in some of Europe’s most popular snow-parks.

Sunrise -Betterpark Hochzillertal

Sunrise -Betterpark Hochzillertal

We aim to provide a platform for everyone to share there moments and experiences on the mountain using a variety of different methods: The most important people in the park – the shapers – send us regular update from the ground, our team of ambassadors send us photos and videos from the resorts they visit, and we endeavour to shoot as many snow parks as physically possible, but you can help too!


Ambassador: Rickard Croy – Vans Penken Park